Here are some of our most FAQ’s

We are a small group who live in and around Bearsted. Together we have formed a Community Interest Company, which is a not for profit company whose goals are to bring a music fantastic event to Bearsted and raise money for charity as well as groups and associations in the local area that are in need of additional funding. We are an independent group and are not connected to the Bearsted Parish Council.

Music on the Green is a much-loved music event that showcases musical acts predominantly from the local area but could also feature others. The event also aims to keep all attendees entertained and provide a safe, fun and exciting day on the green. It is very much a family event so all are invited and welcome to come along! However, we must draw the line at pets unless they are a guide dog.  

Yes you can. However, you must not bring any glass bottles / glasses or sharp knives for your picnics. In addition to you being able to bring your own food and drink there will also be a beer tent and food outlets hot and cold food as well sweets! So if you want to walk to the Green not laden down, that’s an option too!

Music on the Green is a one day annual event that normally takes place on the August Bank Holiday Sunday. Check out the home page to see what date it is taking place this year.  The location is The Green in Bearsted, Kent. 

Tickets will be available to purchase via links on both our website and our Facebook page. 

As an independent C.I.C. we are self funding and as such rely on the sponsorship we receive as well as the funds from ticket sales to pay for the fundamental items to make the event successful, safe and enjoyable for all concerned. To allow this to happen tickets need to be sold early, much the same as any other music event.

As the vast majority of people attending will be local and to prevent the village from getting grid-locked we ask that you walk to the Green as there will be little or no parking available. Bearsted station is a very short stroll away and the village is also accessible by a bus service. We must stress that if the emergency services are unable to gain access to the Green it is possible that the event will be forced to cancel, so please do bear that in mind when planning your journey.

The safety of people attending as well as those living in and around the village is paramount. With that in mind it is vitally important that roads are kept clear for the access of the emergency services if they are needed.
There will be representation from qualified security personnel as well as numerous steward volunteers. With that in mind, if anyone is considered to be doing anything illegal or is behaving in a manner that is anti social it will be policy that these people are removed from the arena.

The event worked very well on this date last year so we thought we would do it again.

We realise that this event is, for some, right on their door step and whilst we keep disruption as minimal as possible, we recognise that some may be inevitable. So with this in mind, we want to honour the past agreement to provide tickets to residents who live immediately around the green. A letter will be hand delivered to each eligible house in due course explaining how to get your tickets.

In this day and age with the internet, it’s almost impossible for us to keep this 100% local but we do take the following actions. We hand deliver leaflets announcing tickets are going on sale to each and every household in Bearsted and only advertise tickets are on general sale after each Bearsted resident has had a chance to buy a ticket. Our statistics show that 90% of tickets are purchased within a 3-mile radius of Bearsted.

In addition, we try and find local acts to perform and local vendors to attend. We try and pick at least one local beneficiary .. such as Bearsted Korfball, Roseacre Raiders, The Goodman Centre and Rainbows. In short, we are local residents and feel that Bearsted should benefit from this local event.

These two things are like a horse and a carriage … you can’t have one without the other.
YES – we sell tickets, sponsorship opportunities, advertising and pitch fees to our vendors.
NO – we do not take a salary, neither do the vast majority of people working on the day nor the industry professionals that offer us advice and assistance prior to the event.
Without the sales there would be no bands, safety, security, face painting….nor anything else apart from The Green for that matter!
But to make it totally clear, 100% OF THE PROFITS from the event are donated to our beneficiaries. £50,000 to date.
So are we commercial? YES, we have to be, as is every other event!
Are we donating to charity? YES, you can rest assured we are!
We hope this clears things up!
Keep Singing!